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RGM Property Management

At RGM Commercial, we understand the impact that quality property management has on profitability for building owners and tenants. We pride ourselves on gaining a thorough understanding of the property and building systems so we can anticipate and prevent unnecessary expenses before they occur.
Every call from a tenant is an opportunity to show them just how responsive and professional their property manager can be. At all times, we are positioned to respond quickly, leveraging our network of established relationships with vendors and contractors. Maximizing overall property value on behalf of our clients means watching day-to-day expenses closely, while never losing sight of the big picture.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

RGM clients rely on our advice and recommendations that result from financial analysis, interpreted market trends and a thorough understanding of the client’s goals.
Income forecasts and budgets are prepared after a detailed review of historical financial data. Variances are identified, analyzed and discussed. Year-end reconciliations are performed so owners and tenants can review a transparent accounting of expenses year to year.
Taken together, our tools and business processes enable our clients to make good decisions by shedding light on where the investment has been, and where it is going.

Asset Management

At RGM Commercial, we understand that commercial real estate investments are not simply transactions to be completed.


They require ongoing financial review and risk analysis that includes continuous evaluation of the asset with advice on how to respond to the market as it changes.

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